Meet Casey’s Cast of Characters

Introducing the Ladies

Kendra Whittingham is one of the top real estate brokers in Central Florida.  Immediately after graduating in the top 1% of her class at the University of Miami, she began her career as a realtor.  Her success was immedate and so was the cash. Indulging in jewels, travel and cars, Kendra is also aggressive in the bedroom.  There is no deal she can’t close and no challenge she won’t chase.

Pamela Johnson spends day after day coaching corporate executives on how to maximize their efforts. When the sun goes down, however, the real Pamela comes out. Leaving behind her teacher/coach mode, she allows herself to become the student and opens up to experiences best left in the dark.

Beverly Blackwell is a forty-something writer living in Manhattan.  As a freelance writer, she’s been able to explore topics that skirt the edge of “normal.”  If the truth were told, every story is an opportunity to figure out who she is. The more she writes, the freer she becomes.

Meet the Men

Langston “Hugie” Brown can be considered a spoiled rich playboy if it weren’t for his brilliance and work ethic.  While he works hard, he plays even harder. As the head of research at a hedge fund in Orlando, Hughie is constantly pursuing the next thing in an effort to bring his clients lucrative opportunities. But for Hughie, no woman has given him the challenge he gets from his career.  No one, that is, until he meets Kendra.

Michael Banks has spent 25 years with the New York City police department. Even though he has a law degree, its the excitement of the street that has kept in uniform.  It’s because of what he sees on his job that he finds extreme ways to relax when not working.  While it’s easy to date a fellow officer because she would understand him, Michael wants a civilian who is willing to experience life with him.  In walks Pamela.  

John Carter at 50, has more energy than men half his age. Gifted in many ways, John gets to do the things most have not. As the owner of a luxury car transport company, he’s met millionaires, entertainers and sports figures. He’s traveled the world as a result of his business. But despite all the people he’s met and all the places he’s seen, no one has been more exciting than Beverly Blackwell. John has never experienced pleasure as strong and passionate as he has with Beverly or been as free to push boundries as he is now.