What Color Are You In the Sexual Rainbow (TM)?

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About Your Sex Life?

Whether you prefer fiery red, cool blue or passionate pink, the colors of your clothes, car and home furnishings tell others clues about your sexual personality.

And while you may insist, like most adults, that you don’t have a favorite color, if you look around you, you’ll probably see a pattern in your clothing and home furnishings, according to eRomance.com. The color that is predominant for you is the one that appears in your closet and living room most frequently. This is the color that mirrors the sexual you.

A panel of psychologists explained the association between color and sexual patterns:

While the experts may suggest that your favorite color is indicative of your sexual appetite, I recommend reviewing the Sexual Rainbow(TM) to decide for yourself which color or colors suit your mood or moods.

~ Casey


You’re the misfits of the sex world and often seek each other out in kinship. You probably prefer what some consider perverted sex, usually masochistic or sadistic in nature. You’re moody and perform at your sexual peak when you are under stress or unhappy.


You’re a tiger in bed who is easily aroused and enjoys sex in many ways. Once that spark is ignited, it can take hours to extinguish. Red, you are aggressive. Weaker colors, you have been warned!


You enjoy concocting sexual fantasies with the sex act as a dramatic, one-act play in which you are the star. Foreplay is just as important to you as sexual intercourse. Despite it all, you often don’t experience orgasm–but you’ll put on a good act. You can be violent during sex. Men tend to pull their partner’s hair, while women are known for leaving red welts on their partner’s back.


You are a wonderful sex partner! You’re affectionate and sensitive and consider love making a fine art. Your passion is more like a tidal wave than a fiery aggression. Blues are the best mates since they never seek outside interests.


You are a treasure for the right person. You’re warm, deep, sensitive to the needs and desires of others and a true romantic. You love to snuggle by the fire and take long walks on the beach. You can’t say “I love you” enough. For you, sex is 24-7, and you need a lot of privacy and time to make love. Warning: You don’t take criticism well. One harsh word and the relationship is over.


You are fresh and innocent in your approach to sex. Women will make love like a virgin their entire life, while men may always be a bit clumsy and awkward–but in a charming and endearing way. You may be gentle and not particularly passionate, but you are faithful.


You often consider yourself too sophisticated for a fun romp in bed. Women hate to get their hair messed up, while men are all business in bed. In both genders, purples are more concerned with their own fulfillment than their partner’s gratification.


Your sex drive is complexed but adaptable. You typically submit to a stronger partner’s desires.


You are often immature when it comes to sex. Women love to tease and promise more than they intend to give, while men are often philanderers and flirts. Advice to wives: If your husband likes pink, keep a secret bank account.


You’re indecisive. You can’t get excited by anything. For men, sex is a tension-reliever and not much else. Women make love to either accommodate their mate or get pregnant. If you’re married, you may consider your spouse’s infidelity as a blessing in disguise.


Sex is dirty. You are puritanical and only make love in the dark. Women will only undress under the covers, and men will shower before and after sex.