This particular Friday was no different than any other.  Pamela met with her girlfriends for their weekly happy hour experience and they flirted with every “Tom” and “Dick” that caught their eyes.  But on this night, Pamela meets a man that sweeps her off feet. With New York City as the back drop,


There is no real estate deal too challenging or client too difficult for Kendra Whittingham. She approaches each situation with an aggressiveness that ensures success. This mentality has made her the number one independent real estate broker in Central Florida. Unfortunately her independence keeps her very single and constantly on the hunt for someone who can satisfy her desires. However, a visitor to her open house just may be the one to tame the beast within.


After the sale of the Johnson property, Kendra trades in her C6 Z06 and treats herself to a 2015 Velocity Yellow C7 Z06. While her new toy excites her with every shift of the gears, it’s at a celebrity party, she ventures down a road even more exhilarating. She gets attention wherever she goes and that attention fuels Kendra’s sexual fires. It intoxicates her and she takes great pleasure in drinking in the fumes. “Open House” introduced you to Kendra’s aggressive nature but “The Encounter” is a peek into her thrillseeking, exhibitionist mind.


His appetite is insatiable and his energy is boundless.  John took command of Beverly’s body and pushed her to the brink when they met in “Murder.”  In “Tie Me Up,” he gave Beverly a taste of what he’s capable of when left to his imagination.  Delve into his sadistic mind in “John” and discover where it all began. Once you get to know John, you’ll learn THERE IS NO SAFE WORD!