45 – 59

What city do you live in?

How long have you been pegging? Describe your first experience.
Not long. Have really only tried it twice with a girl that did massages. I had always wanted to try it and she also wanted to try it as well. She had no idea what she was doing so it was actually pretty fun figuring out the harness with here and trying different positions. It was an amazing feeling and was such a turn on trying something that was so taboo.

There is so much taboo surrounding pegging, what made you decide it was something you wanted to try?
A few years ago, it was something I started see posted on Twitter and thought it might be an amazing feeling to have a woman do that to me in a sensual way.

How does it feel to be pegged? What do you enjoy about it?
The feeling of surrender to a woman that is pegging me is such a a rush. I am submissive, but in a sensual way, so I feel it is just a good way to release my control and to give it to the woman to have fun with me. Both times I was pegged were the best orgasms I have ever had. I guess it was the combination of releasing control and the massaging of my prostate, but I have never felt anything like that before.

Are you in a relationship now and is she into pegging?
I am currently married for 18 years and wish I had a way to tell her I would like to do this as a couple, but I don’t know how to bring it up. I would be scared at her reaction, so I have just quietly fantasized about it.

If you’re a man interested in getting pegged, what are some tips for bringing it up to your girl?
I think it is something you should bring up right away. This WY you won’t get so far into the relationship that you are worried what she might think.

Describe your worst pegging experience.
I have not had one. Even though the woman I did it with twice had no idea what she was doing it was still fun and pleasurable.

Describe your favorite pegging toy?
I like a medium sized strapon that viabrates. Since I am more into the sensual side of pegging, I am not into some of the enormous didos I see people using. I am not into pain, so just something that gives both the giver and receiver pleasure is big enough for me. The vibration is just the cherry on top .

How did the subject of pegging come up with the masseuse?
She found my Twitter account and started asking questions about it and said she always wanted to try it. At first I was very nervouse, but she made me feel so comfortable about it and I was so interested in trying it, I said yes.

Can you describe what it feels like to surrender to someone sexually?
Just to let go of my inhibitions and to let the woman play and experiment with different things on me. Someone who pushes my limits and works with me to live out their fantasy. Just letting go with someone I trust and allowing them to control the situation without hurting me.

Was the pegging with the masseuse the first time you explored anal play?
It was not. In preperation, I did buy a few small anal toys just to see what it felt like.

Did you do anything to prepare for your first pegging?
Just a little with the toys I bought. I was actually surprised at the size of a toy that would go in comfortably. When she pulled out the dido that went with the Strapon harnes, I remember thinking that I could never take that, but after having one of my toys in during the massage, she began to enter me with the Strapon dido and I was so surprised it went in as easy as it did and felt as good as it did.

Did you pick the dildo or did she? What kind of lube did you use?
She had the dido that was part of a strapon kit she had purchased for her boyfriend who chickened out. We used the lube I purchased with my is a lube that feels cold when being used..

You mentioned you’re not into the enormous dildos you see people using. Where are you looking – porn sites or somewhere else?
Some of the dido I see on Twitter look like they would split me in half! I am willing to push myself to see what I could take, but as long as it doesn’t hurt or make me feel uncomfortable. Like I said, that is part of my submission feelings, being pushed beyond my boundaries. Just not too far..

Being submissive is something characteristic of women. How can you explain a heterosexual man being submissive? What does it mean in sex?
Being submissive to me is allowing the woman to take full control of me and to focus on her pleasure. I would like to have a woman to has a fantasy of having her way with a guy and that wants to try new things that she never thought a guy would allow her to fantasy is to be controlled by a sensual woman that has always wanted to be a Mistress.

Hopefully this isn’t too personal, how would you describe your sex life with your wife? Since you don’t know how to bring up pegging, I’m guessing it’s traditional?
We have been married for 18 years and really don’t have sex much at all anymore.. One of these days I need to figure out how to start our sex life up again..

Are you concerned your wife may question your sexuality if you suggest pegging?
No, I know she won’t question my sexuality, duty I am not sure what she would think if I bring that up.. In our early marriage. I was way to traditional and did not try anything new. It might be a bit strange for me to go into my new fantasies now..