Minx is COMING SOON! She’s not your typical runaway that gets caught up in prostitution. Her stunning Eastern European beauty and naturally slender frame, quickly made Minx highly sought after.


During a regular mail run, Erica meets a woman who takes her breath away, leaves her speechless and incapable of formulating a coherent thought. Erica exchanges information with the seductive Cassandra and counts down the minutes until her day ended and she could hear her sultry voice again. That is the beginning of what becomes a whirlwind romance of dinners, long drives and weekend getaways. Unfortunately, hovering over both them is the black cloud of their pasts. And the one person that knows them both, Erica’s best friend Tamara, is chomping at the bit to expose Cassandra’s secret in an effort to protect her friend. What happens when the past collides with the present and clouds the future.