Just because you “spank that ass,” that doesn’t automatically make you a freak. Using handcuffs and a blindfold doesn’t mean you have a fetish. And by talking dirty, you can’t profess to being kinky but many who engage in these tame sex acts feel they can elevate their game to BDSM status. Truth is until you’ve been spanked with a paddle or a hand until your skin is red or better yet, speckled purple from broken blood vessels, you haven’t been spanked at all. You’ve only been tickled. (And just so you know, tickling to the extreme is also a fetish.) Until you’ve felt the multiple tails of a flogger on your most tender places, you are but a rank amateur.

When your entire body has been bound by rope in knots so intricate they look like art, you will understand there was nothing impressive about Houdini escaping from handcuffs, unless you’re using police issued handcuffs, the key doesn’t work and you have to get your hands slippery with soap and almost dislocate your thumb to free yourself (a story for another time). If you go right back to the sex ignoring your numb hand, you’re gaining on pro status. And I can assure you, most have never imagined having their eyes and/or face wrapped in duct tape with just a small hole for their nose or mouth. If your mind can’t go to that place, you are definitely not ready to be shroud in latex from head to toe, literally. And while conservatives are appalled by the use of water boarding, many a kinkster have experienced the torture reaching orgasms at frightening heights. And forget about being dunked in a water tank. Only those who risk life and limb to perform water rescues understand what it means to drown to live. Psych. That’s yet another sexual experience for those willing to stretch their sexual imagination. I can go on and on with the many fetishes that exist from the standard foot fetish to the more extreme like urophilia (arousal to urine or urinating on others) and zoophilia (arousal to nonhuman animals).

Now, before anyone is offended or starts calling me names, I don’t say any of this to sex shame anyone. Oh quite the contrary, I want to open your eyes and mind to a world that may look crazy from the outside but knows no limits and is really about the art and pleasure of sex.

I initially started this blog post just wanting to get something off my chest and out of my head but I realized from my experience and research, there is a lot of misunderstanding and, well, for lack of a better way of saying it, ignorance when it comes to sex and for that reason I’m developing a series of posts that will explore sex in a way that I hope will increase your knowledge and hopefully improve your pleasure. And just so you know in advance, I’m going to go where Fifty Shades never even got close to. I want you to explore places in your mind that may seem scary at first but ultimately you can’t resist. So to all my friends who are spanking that ass or are the ass being spanked, hold on because I’m about to blow your mind.

Smooches. ~ Casey